Common Flowers Varieties

The Delightful Dutch Tulip

This specific spring flower is available in numerous types and is an inexpensive choice indeed if you're seeking easy and quick floral blooms. Yet another fine option for any bouquet would be tulips, which are of themselves fashionable and elegant. With their fairly large petal measurements, they can in the same way be used as a single flower within a particular container, or combined with shrubs as well as other branches to create a flower arrangement.

The Hydrangea

Having large blossoms and vivid colours, hydrangeas remain one of the more well-known flowers pertaining to flower arrangements. Whether they are placed collectively in the wrap, displayed in a gift basket or even as a solitary stem in a flower vase, they've got prominent heads that draw people's attention in both an arrangement by themselves or along with other flower sorts.

The Carnation

The particular carnation, a type of flower which can be found in certain hues such as white, red and also yellow, is an excellent addition for any floral arrangements too. It comes from the particular Dianthus flower class which means "flower of love". Its popular attributes include its flustered look and also its savoury smell that has been associated with that of a clove. Carnations can be displayed in lots of ways to show off their beauty and elegance in baskets, tall floral vases or in centrepieces.

English Roses

Regarded as the queen among flowers, roses having their sturdy stems and resilient blooms make a fantastic selection for flower arranging. The supreme symbol of love and also romance, it's a highly recommended, or even required, addition to any kind of flower bouquets whatsoever. Being thus greatly well-liked, numerous variations of the roses have already been bred and planted. Nowadays, the rose flower can be found in an incredibly wide range of hues, which range from the traditional red, white, orange towards the cross colours such as salmon and purple. There even exists special services that offer embossment on the flower petals.


Lilies were known as icons of affection, tranquility and elegance and have been so since the beginning of time. Obtainable in whites, reds, oranges, yellows, purples as well as a wide combination of similar colors, they have turned into a common favourite for gifts and also tributes. Because of their striking odor and looks, these kinds of flowers are highly popular even in the modern times. They add wonderful structure to bouquets, vase arrangements and funeral tributes.